Orlando Bloom Gone Wild

Orlando Bloom

orlando bloom3

caught cheating on Selena Gomez

ariana grande


katyperryKaty Perry (Pop Princess).  He is an actor starring in such films as The Hobbit, The Return of the King, and the Mighty Ducks.

Bieber’s taunt, making out like he was having a fling with Kerr, may or may not have been grounded in truth. But, here’s the catch: Bieber was seeing Selena Gomez at the time, and thus in a reasonably serious relationship himself. Bieber’s sympathizers have long argued that the real reason Bieber launched his verbal attack on Bloom was because he thought Bloom and Gomez might have been having a fling behind his back (they were photographed months earlier loitering outside an L.A. club together).

orlando bloom2.jpg


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